Directions to Download Guruji Vaani (Audio in MP3 format)

·         In case you are downloading the audio for first time, follow the below instructions (else skip to next step).

§  On a new browser page, go to website

§  Signup for using the download services (which are free of cost) using your ‘Email‘ and ‘Password‘. Remember the password for future use. Also enter your name, when asked for.

§  A verification email shall be sent to the registered email-id.

§  Open the verification email and click on the verification link in order to successfully signup for the download services.


  • ·         Scroll below on this webpage to find year wise list of Guruji Vaanis and respective ‘Download Audio‘ links.


  • ·         Select the year for which you want to download the Vaani and click on the corresponding ‘Download Audio‘ link.

§  On clicking the link, you will be re-directed to a webpage on

§  The new page will display list of all audios available for download for the selected year. Date of the audio is displayed in the name using format “Year-Month-Day”. The prefix ’01’ indicates side -A of the audio and prefix ’02’ indicates side-B of the audio. Side-B may not be available for all Vaanis.


  • ·         Click on the file which you want to download.

§  A new page will open which gives option to play the selected audio or download it.


  • ·         Click on the ‘Play’ button in case you want to hear the audio (OR) Click on the ‘Download’ button in case you want to download the MP3 file on your computer.


  • ·         In case you have selected the ‘Download‘ button, then a new screen opens which gives option for ‘Priority Download’ or a ‘Free Download‘. Select the ‘Free Download‘ option.

§  Audio download shall start in 20 seconds.

§  In case you are not logged in website, you may be asked to first login with your email and password.

§  Save the file on your computer.

§  You can repeat above steps for downloading more Vaanis.






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